Transcend Robotics

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Transcend Robotics is a venture-backed start-up building the future of ground-based mobile robotics with the ARTI platform, which is capable of traversing the many obstacles of the human world. 

“Articulated Traction Control” or “ARTI” for short, was invented, patented and commercialized with a mission to enable robots in everyday human environments without complex software or human controls. 

ARTI’s capable of traversing international stairs and other obstacles by simply moving forward! A passive upwards and downwards articulating joint allows ARTI to traverse seamlessly over obstacles. The ARTI mobility platform has and will continue to have a profound impact on the robotics space as high-cost software and actuators are no longer necessary to bring a new mobile robotics product to market. 

ARTI comes readily available as a platform for innovators to immediately integrate their software and electronics into or upon and bring a new product to market within 90 days. Transcend Robotics also offers a complete product (ARTI VANTAGE). 

Transcend Robotics believes that the ARTI mobility platform and technology will be the mechanical tool for software and embedded engineers to build the next generation of mobile robotics.

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